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Pre Master is an all-new Martial Arts-infused action RPG skillfully crafted by yanstudios. What sets Pre Master apart from its peers is its robust combat system, a rarity in the gaming landscape. Few games can boast such a high-caliber combat experience, making this game truly stand out. The artful choreography of fighting moves serves as the defining factor, distinguishing this game from its contemporaries.

Drawing inspiration akin to the hit title Sleeping Dogs, Pre Master shines not in its graphics or setting, but in its gameplay dynamics and combat mechanics. Similar to Sleeping Dogs, Pre Master hinges on an intricate Martial Arts-inspired combat system, enhancing the immersive experience.

Players will embark on a limited open-world odyssey as the game guides players through the vibrant expanse of K-city, leading them on a quest to find the protagonist’s missing brother. With each step, the narrative unravels, revealing fresh enigmas to captivate players’ curiosity.

Venture further by crafting your own team, nurturing apprentices who join your ranks. Immerse yourself in the role of mentor, training and guiding these apprentices, and later enlisting them for thrilling duels and city-wide skirmishes. Forge a brotherhood bound by loyalty, a formidable alliance ready to aid you when faced with formidable adversaries, enabling you to conquer even the mightiest of foes.

Pre Master is now available as an official launch. Interested players and fans can download and access the game for their Android devices via Google Play

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