Sword of Convallaria opens pre-registrations

XD Games has revealed exciting news regarding their upcoming tactical fantasy RPG, Sword of Convallaria, set to launch on both PC and mobile platforms later this year.Sword of Convallaria are now open for Android and iOS devices. PC gamers won’t be left behind either.

Sword of Convallaria promises players a rich and immersive fantasy setting, accompanied by stunning pixel art graphics and intense turn-based battles. This upcoming RPG offers a fresh perspective on a cherished genre, with your choices intricately shaping the game’s narrative and influencing the fates of its characters. Whether you’re on the move or at home, you can expect a gaming experience boasting console-quality visuals and deeply gratifying strategic gameplay.

Upon entering the enchanting realm of Iria, a nation abundant in mystical Luxite minerals on the ancient continent of Rodinia, players find themselves awakening in a dungeon, setting the stage for an enthralling journey. Fleeing to the town of Convallaria, which faces growing threats from Iria’s escalating conflicts, players assume the role of the leader of the Sword of Convallaria Mercenary Group. Their path is laden with tough decisions and intricate faction dynamics, all pivotal in the quest to restore peace to Iria.

Sword of Convallaria has garnered attention from none other than JRPG veteran Yasumi Matsuno, renowned for his directorial work on timeless classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Tactics. In an insightful conversation between Matsuno and Lei Guo, the developer behind Sword of Convallaria, Guo offered intriguing insights into the game’s development.

Enthusiasts eagerly anticipating this RPG gem can pre-register on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices, respectively.

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