Sword of Convallaria

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Sword of Convallaria: For This World of Peace (Global) is a really nice game from XD Entertainment and a Tap Tap limited exclusive. The game is based on a story in Iria to bring out human peace and justice. The studio has launched the trailer of the game where we can see that they have worked hard on the game’s graphics.

Sword of Convallaria would be a Gacha RPG game where the main character (which you would be playing ) would be assigned the role in the survival of the people in Iria’s civil war. “Iria, a small country at the center of the storm due to its rich resource of Crystal, is now in a civil war because of a suspicious riot. All parties in the civil war use every means in their power. Foreign powers are intervening in the situation in Iria explicitly or covertly. And extremist cult takes the opportunity to rise. But you will blaze a trail of survival for the Iria people who are struggling”.

Upon entering the enchanting realm of Iria, a nation abundant in mystical Luxite minerals on the ancient continent of Rodinia, players find themselves awakening in a dungeon, setting the stage for an enthralling journey. Fleeing to the town of Convallaria, which faces growing threats from Iria’s escalating conflicts, players assume the role of the leader of the Sword of Convallaria Mercenary Group. Their path is laden with tough decisions and intricate faction dynamics, all pivotal in the quest to restore peace to Iria.

The game is just available for pre-registration. The pre-registration is not just all, but the game owners are on the verge of giving out some in-game goodies after the game’s full launch worldwide. In the future, the players would be able to download the game from other platforms too.

Sword of Convallaria: For This World of Peace is available on SEA Regions you can download the SEA version for Android here, and for iOS here.

Sword of Convallaria Global Edition is open for Pre-Register now.

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