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Saint Seiya Awakening Knights of the Zodiac (KOTZ) is the official game from one of the most famous animated series in the history of anime, at least in some countries. And now you can download the game to your Android or iPhone. The Athena Saints must face the forces of evil to protect the world. But now they finally have their own mobile game and a really good one.

Saint Seiya Awakening Knights of the Zodiac is gacha game with a heavy turn based role gameplay. Like any other anime gacha games, we have to collect all the saints we can in order to make a proper team to beat the game. The PvE part isn’t so hard and it’s really nice if you are fan of the series.

Tencent has recreated all the manga arcs with new art and dialogues. The artwork is amazing and top notch, the backgrounds, the new way the saints are presented, even from parts of the manga that hasn’t been adapted into anime. We have new and clear designs of our favorite saints, they may been even superior from other adaptations. The 3D models for every character is really well done and the animations of every attack is an accurate representation of what we see on the manga.

The game also includes original voiceover for our Saints. As said, the art direction and production values are really good. They may not be top on mobile games, but it is a strong point for fans.

Now about he gameplay. This is a turn-based combat game. In each turn we can use the skills of the different characters we got. Some of them will be DPS oriented, another for defense or support. Every saint has its own style and skill set with it’s own purpose. Making a good team with good synergy it’s really important if we want to shine at PvP.

You have to get each character as you progress through the game. How we do that? well this is a gacha game. We have a summons system with banners time to time. Get a new saint may not be an easy task. The rates are not the best or the worst, but can be difficult for newcomers or even old players. New saint brings a new Meta and it’s important to have all of them.

But getting a new char isn’t enough. We have to skill them up. We can do it with duplicates, which is a really difficult task. However, the game has a system where we can geek some skill books for that purpose. We can barely build a couple of units per month, so, we have to choice which ones are the best for us. Unless we start spending on the game.

Saint Seiya has two modes. The PvE is really nice, you can relive parts of it already seen in the anime. Or read if you like the manga. It’s really extensive: it will take time to finish the campaign. It includes so many different game modes. Even more so if we want to level up our favorite or more useful characters. It is updated, adding new ones and expanding the story.

Now the PvP is the best part of this game. Bring your team to the arena and fight people around the world. It’s really complex to master. The game has a free-rank mode where we can just have fun testing all the units without even getting them.

But where it shines is on the ranked PvP. This is where most players spend their times. Building teams, improving saints and their cosmos, etc. There is a global tournament called Jamir where top players fight for the top rank, it’s public and everyone can see their fights.

Saint Seiya Awakening KOTZ has many versions. We have the chinese version, which is the older and get the last updates first. The SEA version, Taiwan, Japan and the Global version (Europe and America). The game is somewhat heavy in size, close to 4GB, it is free although it includes micro transactions. It’s a totally must have if you are fan of Saint Seiya or like RPG turn based games.

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