Saint Seiya: Rebirth 2 announced in China and SEA

Updated: December 30, 2023

A new Saint Seiya game called Saint Seiya Rebirth 2 in Mainland China and Saint Seiya Eternity in the rest of SEA Will be launching next year with a reveal on December 29th. Players can check the official website in Weibo.

Saint Seiya Rebirth 2 Eternity

Once again collaborating with Kaiser Culture, DeNA aims to release its latest licensed Saint Seiya game by the year’s end. Kaiser Culture’s official statement assures that game development is progressing smoothly, and they are gearing up to soon launch a public beta version in Mainland China.

Saint Seiya: Rebirth 2  (Saint Seiya: Eternity) adopt a strategy card RPG gameplay. Players need to choose the best tactical formation intelligently and give full play to the strengths of each character in order to defeat powerful enemies on the battlefield.

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