Lost Words: Beyond the Page

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Lost Words: Beyond the Page is an amazing narrative adventure game available for Android and iOS. In this game players can navigate 2D worlds with 3D visuals to solve a great variety of puzzles.

The game revolves around the diary of a young aspiring writer named Izzy, who has created a magical fantasy world called Estoria while dealing with the stages of grief caused by her parents’ divorce.

As players progress through beautifully designed 2D platforming levels, the game cleverly incorporates thoughts and ideas from Izzy’s diary. They must step on words from the journal to solve puzzles and interact with Estoria’s enchanting environments. The gameplay is divided into two modes: one set in Estoria, where players become the guardian of fireflies and protect the fantasy kingdom, and the other in Izzy’s real-world diary.

This game captivates players with its unique blend of gameplay mechanics, captivating watercolor visuals, and a compelling story crafted by renowned games writer Rhianna Pratchett. The diary pages come alive with vibrant watercolor landscapes and stunning visuals, including mesmerizing moments like the world turning upside down. The narration by Sidonie Maria Sakalis adds an extra layer of immersion.

Every word spoken by the character transforms into written letters, floating in the air around her. Some words possess special powers that, when dragged over objects, can alter them. For example, dragging the word “repair” over a bridge will magically fix it, or using “lift” can help free someone trapped underneath. It’s a brilliant gameplay mechanic that adds depth and creativity.

Aside from the story, the gameplay itself is relatively straightforward, focusing on basic platforming and light puzzle-solving. The real challenge lies in seeing the world through Izzy’s misty eyes and empathizing with the hardships she faces in the real world.

For those who prefer to try before purchasing, the first two chapters are available to play for free, while the remaining six chapters can be unlocked through a one-time in-app purchase.

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