Minabo – A walk through life

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Minabo – A Walk Through Life is a social simulation game that invites you to navigate the journey of life while nurturing your turnip’s growth and its social connections.

Commencing from your sprouting moment, time progresses with each step, allowing you to dictate your own pace. Experience life’s lessons, surround yourself with fellow turnips, and interact to shape your unique personality. The strengths and weaknesses you acquire will influence your future interactions.

Expand your social circle by cultivating meaningful relationships, discard those that do not align with your values, and explore diverse life paths. Adopt radish-pets, form families, breed little turnips, or live a fast-paced, fleeting existence—there’s no singular correct way to live; just live as you please (and bear the consequences when you eventually rot).

Thriving in social relationships comes with its challenges, and Minabo – A Walk Through Life introduces collectible hats that yield various effects when worn. Fall in love effortlessly, incur the displeasure of everyone, enhance your elegance, or alter your life expectancy—choices that influence your journey.

In Minabo – A Walk Through Life, each life is distinct, and when it concludes, a personalized summary is generated, ready to be shared with friends.

Reflect on the past and contemplate changes with Minabo – A Walk Through Life. What if you hadn’t been rude to that childhood friend? How different would life be if you spent more time with your family? The game lets you explore these questions by allowing you to go back in time instead of starting anew.

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