Aquarium Party (水族派對)

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Aquarium Party (水族派對) is a new casual game. It is a sort of aquarium simulation game with gacha and management mechanics. In the game, Princess Bubble has extended an invitation for you to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and seek solace on the enchanting Cutefish Island, where charming aquatic companions await. The delightful Aquarium Party is now open for pre-registration to the global audience.

As an aquarium curator under Princess Bubble’s guidance, you’ll wield control over the aquatic haven, unveiling captivating galleries. Within these waters, you’ll encounter an array of mystical fish, spanning the realms of oceanic, delicacy, fantasy, dessert, and pet fish. While tending to the aquarium and nurturing your aquatic companions, your quest includes uncovering the elusive 12 Constellation Fish, each holding their own celestial significance.

Amass fish essence by feeding and caring for your aquatic friends, utilizing this essence to engage in trades for an array of extraordinary fish species within the game. Once you’ve roused the 12 Constellation Fish, the path to acquiring endearing constellation characters unveils itself. Elevate your Cutefish Stars, assembling teams that harness their unique strengths, and step into engaging competitions against fellow players.

It is a game full of mini games, like Gacha Life, Toca Life or Mini World Creata. Player can dive into the camaraderie of the fish-loving community by joining or founding your very own fish club, where you can exchange invaluable fish collection insights or share life tales with friends within the Aquarium Party realm. Engage in daily activities encompassing diverse mechanisms, reaping rich rewards as you navigate the fascinating world of Aquarium Party.

Aquarium Party is available as soft launch for Android in select regions. Players in rest of the world can pre-register for the game as it is also available for pre-registration.

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