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Download Toca Life World, a really fun game for children. In Toca Life World, kids can interact with mobile devices and unleash their creativity. Toca Life World is an educational app that goes beyond the experience offered by Toca Life, because this new version connects all previous versions in a single universe.

In this game, which has over 10 million downloads to the Play Store, you can create stories with your favorite characters. In Toca Life World, the player is the one who creates the story. It has a free version, but if you are looking for more customization you can invest real money in the in-app purchases, ranging from 0.99 to 13.99 dollars.

In this new game you can create your own world and make all the stories you can think of, such as walking through the park with an unusual animal or going to school with a pet hanging over your shoulder. This game combines the versions of Toca Life, from the first to the last.

The series began Town and then came City, School, Vacation, Farm, Stable, Hospital, Office, Pets, After School, Neighborhood. Toca Life World is the ultimate app in this classic children’s series.

In Ciudad Sarao there are eight different areas that players can gladly explore, such as the shopping center, the food area, the hairdresser or an apartment, knowing and assimilating places to build your own world. There are 39 characters available. Spending more hours on the day and on a daily basis also has a prize, as every week there are surprises and gifts for the players.

This title is designed to be played by children, but if you are an adult and you are fascinated by this type of games it is not a problem. Having fun is what counts. Father and son can get involved in the development of the story.

There are also tools such as recording – need to give you permission to access the microphone of the mobile device -, where children can record the story as they move through Ciudad Sarao. There is also humor for kids, such as fart and poop sounds when going to the bathroom.

If the user has already played any of the games in the Toca Life series, they can move all their data to Toca Life World, mix the characters you had with the new locations as you wish. This game has a free version that can meet the expectations of many, but for those who are willing to spend extra money, the in-game store offers 50 locations, 125 pets and at least 300 characters. In-game there are low-priced shopping items such as: $0.99, School and Mountain Cabin; $1.99, Vacation Pool Villa, Apartment Building, Bohemian House, Ski Resort and Haunted House; $2.99, Mall and Waterfront; and 3.99, Hospital.

Toca Life World is available for iOS users with version 10 or higher, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. At least version 4.4 is required on Android. The minimum age required to play it is 4 years.

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