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Teamfight Tactics TFT Overview

Teamfight Tactics, also known as TFT, is a game developed and published by the well-known publisher Riot Games, the developers of the popular League Of Legends. This auto fighting game is based on games like Dota Auto Chess, since it has the same main mechanic: a game with 8 players  where they can form their own team and try to be the last one standing.

This is a PvP strategy game. It has a shared progression system, so you can use the same desktop account on your phone and other devices. this is good news because we don’t only share progress across devices, the game matches people in PC with the mobile version. This makes the userbase bigger and we can quickly find people to compete with.

In the game you will be able to use many strategies. As soon the game begins, put yourself on the board and fight for the ultimate victory in a free-for-all battle. There are 8 players involved and there are hundreds of team combinations in a constantly evolving metagame. Any strategy is possible, but only one can emerge victorious in a game.

You must build an unstoppable army from a shared group of champions. The game lists more than 58 champions and in the last update they added new faces. You must fight round by round to be the last person standing in the arena. Two games can never be exactly the same, as the events take place with random draws. You can use your creativity to make the battle go your way.

Competitive play and matchmaking in Teamfight Tactics has many modes. From Iron to Challenger, climb the ranking zone based on your position in each match. You will be able to get exclusive rewards at the end of each round. You can customize the arena in each game, even adding gestures or unique details.

In Teamfight Tactics we can also collect new accessories by playing games, although it is possible to buy them in the TFT store. But you don’t need to spend real money to progress properly in this game. You can get free loot with the Gimmicks & Gadgets Pass or upgrade it with the Pass+, which can unlock exclusive rewards.

Thanks to its shared system, you will be able to challenge your friends and enemies through your desktop, MAC and mobile devices, and prove that you are the best strategist in TFT.

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