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Download Tank Company Mobile Edition, a tank battle game with MMO elements where we can have huge battles up to 30 people at the same time on our mobile phone. Yes, the scale of battles is on a whole new level.

In Tank Company, we will enter a huge battlefield where up to 30 tanks will fight it out. We have scenarios where we should learn how is distributed and how to use our tanks in order to defeat our enemy. It all starts with choosing your route of attack.

One of the most important things about Tank Company is that the game has a huge library of tanks for you to choose from: Over a hundred vehicles from World War II and the Cold War are recreated in the game with extremely fine production standards.

But, what about the maps? Well, the battlefields are various maps with engrossing settings. The huge 1km×1km maps are all taken from the locations of famous battles in history. While you accumulate EXP through battles, you also grow in multiple facets in the game. You will start with basic Tier I tanks and gradually research new tanks to get high-performance Tier VIII monsters.

The graphics are nice, well detailed, but remember this is a mobile game so we can’t expect the PC levels. It’s a good match for games like World of Tanks. Tank Company works as a growing SaaS, so we the game will game constant updates.

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