Sodatetsu (ソダテツ)

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Sodatetsu (ソダテツ) is a new type of railway training RPG game app where you collect and grow trains. Yes, trains. Embark on a new adventure as you find yourself reincarnated into the enchanting world of ‘Railverse,’ a realm distinct from our own.

The inaugural chapter of the miniature railway, ‘Sodatetsu,’ showcases an impressive array of over 200 JR West vehicles serving as inspiration. Witness the independent growth of Sodatetsu as it flourishes according to your choices. Utilize ‘Railway Synthesis’ to craft a novel railway or convert your thriving Sodatetsu into NFTs, tradeable within the in-app market, offering limitless avenues for enjoyment.

Future releases promise a diverse range of vehicles and characters, ensuring continuous delight for all generations. Anticipate the arrival of ‘SODATETSU,’ a fresh railway universe where fantasy and reality seamlessly coexist, providing joy for everyone.

To coincide with the launch, a new registration campaign has been introduced, granting participants 100 in-game currency ‘IC’ and an assortment of customization items. Engage in the ‘GPS Digital Rally Campaign,’ forging connections between the in-game realm and real life. Additionally, partake in the SNS posting campaign and seize exclusive Sodatetsu limited novelty gifts.

The game is only available on Japan.

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