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Download Sausage Man, one of the most popular games for Android. Sausages Man plays a leading role in the video game market for mobile devices.

A battle royale game with a cartoon style with sausages as the main protagonists. It combines the style of survival and exploration. At the end, only one sausage will make it out of the ring alive.

Adorable, funny sausages, will fight to the death. This is Sausage man, a game with very Fortnite-style graphics, but in a cartoon version. it has a fluid and easy to master battle system, with very realistic ballistic trajectories and even with an in-game breath-holding function.

The player has complete freedom to choose the gender of the sausage, but there is really no significant difference between the two. The game provides flares, tactical covers, resurrection machines, and a ID card system, which will help the communication between you and your teammates.

As in every Battle Royale, in Sausage Man you can jump and shoot your weapons at a rubber ball, or use a double jump to avoid the precision shots of your enemies, but with a dose of cuteness and joy throughout.

You can also do a face-to-face firefight in the water with others. When you’re down, you’ll turn into a weepy little sausage. The Party Card system records your data and the appearance of your avatar, showing other sausages whether or not you are very adorable. It also offers you various exotic costume sets as well as cheeky kissing poses, magical girl transformations, etc.

Also, the choice of weapons varies greatly to suit each user’s style. It is possible to choose from an assault rifle, a sniper, a powerful shotgun, the classic pistol, the SMG, even unique weapons such as the Gattling Gun.

In short, in Sausage man you must rely on the tenderness and evil that your character offers to become the king of the map.

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