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Otaku’s Adventure is an interesting anime game full of references and quest. Otaku’s Adventure is available for iOS devices and Android mobile devices. This game is published by TapTap, so the Android download must be done in their website. It’s going to be worldwide available this May 17.

To be single or not to be, that is not a question, but a bold choice. As an Otaku, to find love, you need to jump out of your comfort zone and embark on an adventure! n Otaku’s Adventure, you, as an Otaku who’s been single since birth, will go on different thrilling adventures with 3 kawaii girls. Use your wit to solve escape-room style puzzles, beat various mini-games and choose wisely to unlock 35+ endings.

Otaku’s Adventure has a PC version, with a high user ranking (over 95% of positiveS). The mobile version compared to the PC version,  contains a new free DLC where you can get two different ending. The game also has a voice-acting for Waifu and (´・ω・`) in fun Chinese dialects in addition to the original Cantonese one for Gohard. For English-speaking players, an overhaul of the English localization has been completed.

This game is really fun a fresh game if you want to try something different. No need to grind, or spend dozen of hours, just pick up your phone and get into the story.

Otaku’s Adventure is available on TapTap and Apple App Store for 1.99$USD.

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