Warframe Mobile opens Pre-registrations

Updated: August 28, 2023

Warframe Mobile is gearing up for its debut on the iOS platform in 2024. The game has commenced pre-registration for players around the world.

Developed by Digital Extremes, Warframe has gained substantial recognition as a popular free-to-play online game distinguished by its cooperative gameplay mechanics and futuristic backdrop. After its initial launch on Windows PC in 2013, the game expanded its reach to encompass PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox platforms, culminating in the official announcement of its mobile adaptation in 2021. Subsequently, an iOS closed beta test took place in 2022.

Within the game’s immersive universe, players can form squads with their friends, reaping rewards upon successful mission completion. While embarking on this journey, players can delve into the rich lore of the Origin System, uncovering a cinematic narrative spanning five distinctive expansions and over 30 story-driven quests.

Moreover, the forthcoming mobile version will feature the significant inclusion of optional cross-progression and cross-play functionalities, offering an enhanced and boundary-breaking experience. If you’re eagerly anticipating the game’s release, you can now pre-register for Warframe Mobile on iOS devices via the App Store, anticipating its global launch in 2024.

Though the exact release date, potentially February 20th based on store indications, remains unconfirmed, and there’s no information regarding the launch of the Android version at this time.

Source: Warframe FAQ

Warframe Mobile
Warframe Mobile
Warframe Mobile was announced with a gameplay trailer at TennoCon 2021 and reconfirmed to be in development at TennoCon 2022.  As now, we can only know that it […]

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