Goddess Order – A new side-scrolling action RPG

Updated: March 18, 2024

Goddess Order is  a new action RPG game developed by Kakao Games and PixelTribe Studio. We don’t have a release date soon, but a new trailer has arrived, where we can see a lot about the game. Goddess Order presents itself as a pixel-style RPG, drawing inspiration from classic video games with its nostalgic graphics and dynamic action-packed gameplay.

Goddess Order

Players can devise various strategies by utilizing the diverse range of characters available, requiring careful planning to achieve success amidst a variety of tactical options. Rest assured, controlling the action will be intuitive, granting players full command over their in-game experiences. For a taste of what’s to come, the trailer provides a preview of the game’s exciting features.

The newly launched website offers a glimpse into the thrilling adventure awaiting players. Drawing from the rich tradition of Japanese RPGs, the teaser site introduces key characters such as Lisbeth, the Princess of the Prophecy, Violet, the Mystox Sniper, and Jan, the formidable Warrior of the Earth.

As of now, Goddess Order has been officially announced, with details regarding pre-registration, launch timelines, and specific dates yet to be revealed. Stay tuned to the official website for announcements.

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