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Download Mobile Legends bang Bang for Android and iPhone, one of the best games in the MOBA genre for the mobile market. Mobile Legends offers an exciting 5 vs. 5 player versus players mode with people all over the world, players like you, who are looking for strategy and excitement. This title is available for free on iOS and Android platforms.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang has fast and very dynamic combats, mostly around the 10 minutes markup, all of them are exciting battles where team strategy always prevails over anything else. At the game start we have to choose our alias. No time is wasted to have our first match. Of course, the first match is just practice, so we need to make the most of it against some bots. After the practice duel we find a guide that shows us where to buy items, the main heroes of the game and a team.

There are 19 heroes in the game, although some of them can only be unlocked once we gain experience (a higher level), gold and bonuses. We will have to choose a starting hero, who will have his own special ability, depending on its type. In the game heroes can learn up to 3 skills, 2 starters and 1 final one.

We have classes like: tank, assassin, shooter,  magician,  combatant and  support. In tank we have Tigreal, Minotaur, Lolita and Akai; the combatants are Bane, Balmond, Alucard and Franco; the killers are Saber, Fanny, Hayabusa and Karina; the wizards are Nana, Alice and Eudora; in shooters are Miya, Clint and Bruno; and, finally, we have Rafaela in support class.

After a few fights in the Match Up game mode, we can go to Brawl mode, where is the 5 vs. 5. You must destroy two towers to win the dispute. After each victory you earn medals.

In the interface we have 3 lanes: upper, lower and middle. You can accumulate higher level by eliminating your enemies. The main objective of the game is to push with your team, destroy the 3 towers in each of the 3 lanes and end the game with the ‘Enemy Crystal’ to win. As you can see, it is a fun game with a simple gameplay. Classic for Mobas.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a good nice with a huge community. If you are looking for a MOBA with a lot of people playing it, this is the one.

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