Master of Knights Seven Trials

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Master of Knights Seven Trials (Master of Knights Tactics) is a turn-based strategic RPG, that will be available on both Android and iOS from Neowiz publisher. In Master of Knights, players assume the role of a deity who has just arrived in the continent of Lemuria, tasked with uniting the knights to defend against the invading Elders. The game weaves a classic adventure narrative, pitting players against increasingly formidable foes as they strive to keep the continent safe.

What sets Master of Knights apart is its unique gameplay style, resembling a chess-like experience on a 5×5 tile grid. Despite the limited space, the attack range and movement of each unit have been reimagined, offering strategic fun with simple controls. The introduction of a spell card system, akin to a trading card game, not only enhances the strategic enjoyment but also speeds up gameplay.

To enhance player convenience, the game incorporates features such as an automatic battle reward system, allowing players to accumulate growth resources over time. A skip system with no limitations and a dedicated automatic battle option are also available, streamlining the gameplay experience.

With two distinct game modes, players can relish fresh battles daily. The turn-based SRPG mode showcases their unique tactics, while the real-time battle mode brings thrilling, real-time fights. Additionally, the PVP modes provide opportunities for players to devise strategic approaches to vanquish enemies, demonstrating their skills in the PVP Arena and PVP Mode Colosseum.

For those seeking a more laid-back experience, the automatic battle reward system offers maximum convenience, enabling resource accumulation over time and the option to skip battles at will. This feature streamlines the gameplay loop, making the adventure feel less cumbersome.

Master of Knights will be available to download on July 27th for Android and iOS Store.

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