Light of the Stars

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Light of the Stars is an upcoming Action RPG which looks really really nice. ‘Our World’ emerged with the Star Force, but relentless wars plunged it into darkness and chaos. Unable to tolerate this, God decided to reset and recreate the world.

Simultaneously, a significant land war concluded, prompting the Elf Queen to seek God’s Force. In the pursuit, she unintentionally unsealed the ‘Early Water,’ resulting in a catastrophic flood of chaos across the world. Fortunately, successors of the constellations, inheriting the Stars’ special power, emerged on the land. The child of the Solar King takes command, embarking on a journey to end the calamity amidst the chaos of ‘Recreation.’

in Light of Stars players can experience battles in Vivid 3D Graphics. Heroes in illustrations move in 3D on the battlefields. Be their commander, strategizing for victory. Consider Positions and Environment to Develop Strategies. With 8 different hero positions to consider, use objects and navigate obstacles on battlefields to destroy the enemy’s command tower.

Participate in PVP Arena Battles. Fight with upgraded heroes and receive seasonal ranking rewards in the Arena. Join Forces With Guild Members. Challenge difficult stages with guild member’s assistant heroes, defeat Guild Bosses, and prepare for Guild Battles by joining or creating a guild.

The game will be available soon.

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