League of Legends Wild Rift

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League of Legends: Wild Rift is the mobile version of the Riot Games MOBA. Wild Rift is one of the best games on the mobile market right now, with a high production value, League of Legends, which was initially launched in 2009, comes to the mobile world in the best way.

Wild Rift is a game where two teams have to face each other in a 5 vs. 5 match. Both teams will be in a map with three separate lanes and a jungle. We have to defeat enemy turrets and destroy the core at the rival basecamp. It sounds easy but it really become complex as we far in the game trying to understand every hero mechanic and synergy with others. However, the mobile version is a little easier than the PC one, specially with newcomers.

The map is divide in 4 sections: Baron Lane, Mid lane, Dragon Lane, and jungle. Each one has it’s own characteristics. Some of our heroes works better in one line than another. As of now, there are a little over 60 champions you can choose from and each one has a specific role. Some of them works better for crowd control while others are pure DPS or supports.

That is the most important part of this game, understanding what each hero does and learning which are the best lineups.  There is a specific meta that dominates certain matches, but this is in constant evolution and changes time to time. The meta changes as new heroes appears or new mechanics are added. The draft is really important but the players skills and team gameplay will always be the most crucial factor if we want to win.

In Wild Rift matches typically last anywhere from 20-25 minutes. The controls are touchscreen joystick-based and quite easy to handle. Each hero feels how they do on the PC version and we can use them like we do on the desktop version. there are a lot of things to learn in League of Legends Wild Rift, this is a vast game, the endgame is kind of complex but the learning curve is really nice.

The targeting system is pretty good, it feels smooth and pretty accurate. The length of the game feels good too. It has all the core phases: laning, mid game and late game. It may sounds a little complex but that’s what makes it interesting. A higher learning curve means more satisfaction when you become better.

There are no pay to win mechanics in League of Legends Wild Rift. The most important thing is to master a hero, learn his or her skills and how to play and use them. Wild Rift gives a lot of in-game currency and rewards so we can unlock heroes.  We also can get some free skins.

Graphically Wild Rift is well crafted. It looks slightly better than the PC version in some scenarios. Some champions, heroes, have overhauled default splash art. There are even special animated intros for them and their skins. It’s a very high-quality appeal game and full of color.

Technically, Wild Rift is very optimized even for low end device mobiles, it has very little stutter or fps drop , which is really nice.

The community is like any other. We may find difficult team mates, but we can just mute everyone at the start of the game. Also, remember that you play with a lot of different people, some of them just want to have fun, others want to be competitive. It could be difficult if we don’t learn how to handle this. But this happens in almost every multiplayer game.

League of Legends Wild Rift is an essential game. Of the best MOBAs in the mobile market and one of the best games in general. It has a large, huge community, and it’s gonna be even bigger thanks to Arcane, the Netflix show in the League of Legens world. It’s free to Android and Apple devices.

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