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Genshin Impact is one of the best mobile games right now, an open world RPG game that brings the best action and grind, a game where you are going to spend a lot of hours and dedication. A nicely-crafted world full of environmental puzzles and a lot of characters.

In Genshin Impact a couple of brothers will have an encounter with a strange goddess who will stop the jumps between worlds of these two adventurers. We have to find our sister or brother (it will depend on the protagonist we choose) in Teyvat, who got lost after the encounter. It’s a nice story with really fun moments, but is not the best part of the game.

Teyvat is a huge land. This continent offers us an open map that we can explore freely. However, surviving in this new world will not be an easy task. Every so often we will find enemy camps, challenges, puzzles, temples or products to collect such as plants, minerals or chests.

In Teyvat you will be able to explore almost everything, scale the structures – resistance determined according to the stamina you have -, swim, glide, teleport between two points – as long as you have the necessary points – or cook your own food.

Genshin Impact is meant to be played at the user pace. So, we will have plenty of time to do whatever we want. And it is good because we have to do a lot of exploration to complete quests for NPCs.

This is a game with a lot of grinding. We have to level up our heroes and it takes time. Moreover, we can’t spend all the time we want because the game limit us with its resin system. We have a lot of quest, some of them become a little repetitive with time but are need in order to level up our chars.

Genshin Impact is a game that gives us action in every battle. This is not a classic turn base combat game, it’s more action oriented. The combat system is simple, we have simple weapons attacks, special abilities which will require a previous recharge of energy and also elemental abilities.

We have a fluid and flowing combat system, fairly rapid attacks and agile characters. We can control four characters, that you switch between during combat. Every one has their own skillset, finding the right team is the core of the game.

Each hero has three combat talents – a basic attack, an elemental skill, and an elemental burst. We also have five types of weapons: swords, claymores (big swords), bows, polearms and magic catalysts. Every move, with every weapon, using our specials attacks, has different effects, damage and animations. But we also have some passive talents, these will help us to improve our combat prowess or lets us to get more resources.

Now the elemental skills. Part of the combat system depends on how we combine different elements for different effects. There can be deal extra damage, generate shields, spread elemental effects to other enemies, and more. Finding the best combos are an important part of the game.

After sometime we may get used to the game system making the combats a bit short in terms of experience. But the gameplay is very fun and has many possibilities. It varies according to the characters we have on our team. This brings us to the next important point:

So, we get to the hardest part of the game: getting the characters. In this section it’s important to say that almost all the gacha games are the same. Being lucky based, we will have to pull a lot of times to get the char or the weapon we want. The problem with this is that we get limited pulls time to time. If we want to accelerate things, we will have to spend some money.

However, this is not so important to the casual player. Our free pulls or the ones we get with the in-game currency are enough for a decent team. This team could carry us the entire game without so much trouble. But the point is that we will want the best characters available. Every month new heroes are added to the pool and if we get really into this game, we must face some compromises if we don’t spend money.

The pull rates are low. The best items and most of the characters are 4-star and 5-star drops, which are rare pulls; 4-stars drop only a bit over 6% of the time, and 5-stars 0.6%. So, if lucky is not on our side, we will have to pull a lot of times. The game has events where the rates are higher but still kind of low.

There is also a “pity” system where the probability of getting the best items or characters increases after about 7 or 8 rolls without one, so, we game encourages us to pull all the time. And there is no guarantee you will get what you want without investing hundreds of dollars.

This is a really nice game, with high production value, but it’s unfinished. If you want to be casual in Genshin Impact, it will be fine. There is no need to spend money, and we can have all the fun we want exploring the different areas of Teyvat.

However, the endgame is really hard. The grind, the gacha system and the seasonal updates will require a lot of time invest. The game core, the game play, the graphics, all are solid and attractive. But it has a system very hard to live with.

Genshin Impact is available for users of Android 8.1 or higher, a processor with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, Kirin 810 or higher processor, and 4 GB RAM or more; and users of iOS 9.0 or higher and 8 GB of storage.

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