Date A Live Spirit Crisis

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“Date A Live Spirit Crisis” (デート・ア・ライブ 精霊クライシス) is a action RPG based on the “Date A Live” manga series, which is completely supervised by the original author “Koshi Tachibana”. The game is a really good and fun one.

A spirit – a being from another world in the form of an innocent girl . We will make them fall in love with a date, which is also a dangerous existence . The game has an action part and a date part, and in addition to experiencing the original story, there are also derived stages .

The date part proceeds by selecting options , and animation is inserted in the impressive scenes in the standard ADV method. The battle part is a belt-scrolling style that fights while moving back and forth in a certain range, like the first generation “Hot-blooded hard-hearted Kunio-kun”.

In addition to leveling up with experience points, spirits have a wide variety of training systems, such as strengthening skills and raising the level limit by potential level. Attack methods and skills are quite unique, so let’s organize a 3-person party considering ease of fighting.

In addition, you can set up to 3 “traits” for spirits, and trait effects will be added depending on the character’s correlation.

Date A Live Spirit Crisis is free but only available on the Japan Store.


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