Monkey Tycoon Roblox Codes

Updated: June 4, 2023

Monkey Tycoon is a classic Roblox tycoon game all about collecting bananas and monkeys. The more bananas you earn, the more monkeys you can unlock, and eventually you can merge those monkeys to become bigger and better. Players can use different rarity monkeys to generate bananas, which can then be sold to earn coins.

Coins helped us purchase upgrades around our tycoon, like more coin boosts per banana or more monkeys. The more monkeys we have can merge to create better rarities that give higher-tier bananas.

We check for new Monkey Tycoon codes every day, which means you don’t need to go hunting for them yourself. We check that they’re working, so you can always get the latest rewards.

You may need to join a private server to get these to work. The update has been applied, but it is not currently active on the old servers.

OrangutanFree rewards
PrimateFree rewards
ArborealFree rewards
BaboonFree rewards
GorillaFree rewards
SimianFree rewards
bugfixingFive sacrifices
ThanksOne million monkeys
NevergonnagiveyouupOne million monkeys
NevergonnaletyoudownOne million monkeys
NevergonnarunaroundanddesertyouOne million monkeys
NevergonnamakeyoucryOne million monkeys
NevergonnasaygoodbyeOne million monkeys
NevergonnatellalieandhurtyouOne million monkeys
ApeOne million monkeys
BakeryOne million monkeys
TarantulaOne million monkeys
monkey backwards350k monkeys
RADIATIONOver 177k monkeys
LotsOfMonkeysA bunch of monkeys
MURDEROne-time-use sword
FreeslimemonkeyBig, startling surprise
142496One million Monkeys
NothingOne million Monkeys
HotRedeem to be set on fire

Roblox codes are case-sensitive – that means you need to be careful when you enter the code, because if any capital letters, numbers, or punctuation are different, the code won’t work and you won’t get your freebies.

How To Redeem Monkey Tycoon Codes

  • Load up the game & claim your tycoon
  • Hit the Codes button on the left (shown on the picture above)
  • Enter the code and enjoy!

Monkey Tycoon is part of Roblox, a popular online platform that allows users to create, share, and play games of various genres. It serves as a virtual playground where millions of players can explore an ever-expanding universe of user-generated content.

Download the popular Roblox free for your Android phone and iPhone. Roblox is a platform, a community full of hundreds of mini games and special lobbies created by […]

Monkey Tycoon Roblox Codes: Where to find more codes?

The easiest way to get new codes is to check this guide often, as we keep an eye out for new codes frequently and add them to this list. You can also follow the official Twitter, or join the Discord. Developers typically distribute new codes among their social media channels, so these are your best bets to get new codes.

What To Do About A Broken Code

If you attempt to redeem a code that fails to work, it is likely because the code has expired. Although most of the codes we share have an expiration date, these dates are not always disclosed to us. Another possible reason for your code not working is that you have already redeemed it.

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