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BRIXITY is new mobile sandbox city-builder from Devsisters. In this serene and relaxing gaming experience, players wield the power of ‘Brix’ to construct cities and rekindle Earth’s splendor. The essence of creativity thrives as players piece together their imaginative visions, brick by brick, crafting anything from iconic architectural replicas to endearing brix portraits of pets and beyond. But BRIXITY isn’t confined to solo exploration – it’s a shared canvas where blueprints come to life and communal ingenuity flourishes.

One of BRIXITY’s standout features is the ability to stroll through the handiwork of fellow players, stepping into their cities within a fully interactive third-person environment. This opportunity to absorb boundless creativity adds a dynamic layer to the gameplay experience. For those who find inspiration in the cities they visit, blueprints of beloved buildings can be acquired for personal replication, thus nurturing a collective endeavor.

As the game unfolds, players are drawn into the compelling narrative of Earth’s resurrection. After a collapse brought about by neglect five centuries prior, humankind – known as Pipos – sought refuge off-world until the advent of the transformative ‘Brix’ technology.

A highlight of BRIXITY is its blueprint marketplace, where ideas are exchanged and harnessed, expanding the realm of possibilities. Sharing blueprints not only imparts a sense of accomplishment to creators but also unlocks rewards. For those acquiring blueprints, they act as comprehensive construction guides, facilitating an accessible and enjoyable experience.

At launch, BRIXITY will have Korean, English, and Japanese language support, which can be downloaded globally from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

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