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Inspired by Norse mythologies and war legends, Brawlhalla is one of the top arena fighting games. From Ubisoft, this game tries to gain a place in the competitive market for mobile games, especially in this genre. If you enjoy games like Super Smash Bros from Nintendo, this is a must have.

The main challenge in this game is to beat our opponent in the battle arena. We can do it by killing or taking our opponent off the map. We will have to be very aware of how much life our adversary has left. Each player will have 3 lives during the game.

Brawlhalla has about 50 selectable characters, a very nice group of legendary heroes, you can even choose Rayman, a very common Ubisoft character. Each hero has different special weapons and unique gadgets that you can use in battle. The game has different game modes, which can range from playing a solo game to playing multiplayer with three online players, or also using a local network to play a duo game.

In Free-For-All you can play with 4 friends, fighting for survival on the platform, until only one is left standing. In the Strikeout, we can choose 3 characters to use in the 1vs1. In Friendly 2vs2, you can invite a friend, ally or a randomly chosen player, with whom you will have to develop a strategy to fight collaboratively.

In the Experimental 1vs1, if you are a beginner in the genre, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the game in fights against random opponents.

Finally, the most entertaining mode is Ranked 1vs1 and 2vs2, in which you will measure your ability in elite battles, and in which your results will determine your position in the six ranks available in the game: tin, bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. The more victories, the more chances of receiving ‘glory’, the in-game currency with which you can buy skins or powerful weapons for your legendary heroes.

This title has a cartoonish style and remarkable graphics. In the new version for mobile devices, the developers improved the aesthetics of the characters and the platform. It has a friendly interface, where, for example, we can see that the life of our characters is in the upper left corner of the screen, and the colors white (more life) and red (less) indicate how much life they have left. the chosen legends, both their own and those of rivals.

This game, available for Android and iOS, is free to play, and the developers promise that in-app purchases will not affect the gameplay of the game or grant advantages to the players.

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