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Valiant Ark is an upcoming post-apocalyptic survival RPG, which is currently accessible in early access for Android users in the United States. SkyRise Digital, renowned for games like Tribal Rise, Souls Surge, Troopers, and Endless Frost, presents this immersive experience. Embark on an exhilarating journey through the submerged remnants of civilization, exploring city ruins, seaside resorts, and abandoned factories while unveiling the mysteries concealed beneath the water’s surface.

In the aftermath of a catastrophic tsunami that has devastated the world, Valiant Ark offers a unique gaming experience by plunging players into a post-apocalyptic setting. As the courageous adventurer and leader of a survivor settlement, your mission is to navigate the submerged world, confronting the challenges of survival head-on.

Utilize the resources acquired during your adventures to revitalize your settlement. Acquire advanced disaster prevention technology from other regions, undertake building repairs and upgrades, and gradually transform your community’s settlement into an ideal homeland.

Valiant Ark is currently accessible for Android users in the United States through the Google Play Store. The developers have not yet disclosed an official release date for iOS or the global release, prompting players to await further updates for the official announcement.

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