Tower of God M: The Great Journey

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Tower of God M: The Great Journey is a mobile game based on the popular webtoon Tower of God. The game is developed by Ngelgames. The game is a nice and high-quality 2D action RPG based on the webtoon of over 4.5 billion global views.

The game is an exquisite retelling of the original story and emotions with high-quality artworks and animations. Right now many players are watching season 1 of the Tower of God Anime which has recently aired.

The popular Korean mobile game developer and publisher, NGELGAMES, has today started a pre-registration campaign for their newest game, Tower of God M: The Great Journey, a game adapted based on the Webtoon and now is officially launched on Korea.

We have a team of 5 characters with a nice art style and fast paced action combats. It has the classic RPG mechanics but with a lot of characters from the popular webtoon. It has a 2D side scrolling mechanic, we can level up our characters, get new ones and make a team.

Right now the game is only available on Korea, there is no english translation and no plans for a global release. If you want to try the game, go to the official store and download it. You may need a VPN or some tricks to play the game.

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