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Download T3 Arena for Android and iPhone devices. A multi-hero shooting game is now open for everyone. Learn more about how to download and other details about the game.

T3 Arena is like Overwatch combined with the third person camera from Fortnite: a fast-paced shooting game. T3 Arena has a ton of characters to play as, as well as other game modes, such as crystal assault, where you have to defend your crystal, and destroy the opposing teams crystal.

There’s another mode ‘Control’ where you control a part of the map till the end of the round. ‘Payload’ and ‘Payload Race’ is another multiplayer gaming mode. We can always play a solo match ‘Free For All’ where the first player to reach 12 kills will win the match.

It’s an online real-time multiplayer game where you can play with your friends, team up to earn a glorious victory for yourself. You will get several gaming modes to choose from, unlock many heroes etc. Play solo to team up, have a voice chat and just go for it. The cartoonish graphics make it more fun and more enjoyable.

We can unlock, collect and battle with heroes with a variety of abilities and ultimates. All of them have a ultra-stylish graphics and detailed character animations. Whether you come brawling from other MODA games, or feel interested because you’re a fan of mobile fps shooters, T3 Arena is a nice shooter game option.

T3 is free to download in Android and iOS devices. At this moment, we can download T3 only from TapTap and the Apple App Store. There is a APK version, but we recommend using the TapTap system. The game includes some micro transactions but is free to play in all the modes.

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