Sin Chronicle

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Sin Chronicle, also known as “Shin Chronicle”, is one of the most anticipated games from Sega. It was  announced during the Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online program. This game is the sequel to the successor smartphone RPG “Chain Chronicle”, with a new features and characters. It includes a selection system where at the end of each chapter of the story, the player will have to make one big decision out of the two. The game has a strong atmosphere of dark fantasy.

SEGA emphasize that players can decide their own destiny. In this game, Sin Chronicle, the player is a member of the knights who protect humans from malicious monsters emerging from a huge cave in some dark place in the world. The interesting part is that the plot will change based on the choices made by us. Players must make important decisions regarding the selection of teammates, which will affect the story later.

The game is aimed to have over 10 hours of gameplay. Players can easily immerse themselves in the immersive world of Sine Chronicle, where there is a lot to discover and see.

In the gameplay: players can control the movement of the character freely to move and explore on the map. Battles are started by moving towards enemies. Cutscenes during battle are rendered in a full 3D experience. This makes the battles really fun and stunning visual.

The battle style in Sin Chronicle is close to the classic turn-based RPG, but players should be careful that in this game, the “BP” system replaces the traditional MP system. The moves made by characters during battle require a certain amount of BP, and multiple actions can be made in a character’s turn as long as there is enough BP.

We have three character classes and several types of abilities that create weaknesses and resistances. Battles in Sin Chronicle definitely require a certain strategic mindset from players.

Sin Chronicle is available only on Japan, there isn’t any news about a global release. but a english version might come soon.

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