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Reverse: 1999 is a gacha RPG game from Bluepoch Studio (CN). Prepare to immerse yourself in one of the most unique turn-based card games, boasting an exceptional combat system. In Reverse: 1999, players will take on the crucial duty of saving people and navigating complex scenarios, necessitating a beginner’s guide and useful tips to triumph in its gameplay.

This stylish and strategic role-playing game revolves around the magical power of Arcanum, granting practitioners the ability to manipulate the very mechanics of reality. The global release of Reverse: 1999, already a chart-topping hit abroad, is on the horizon. As the Timekeeper, an expert temporal observer, players will lead a team tasked with investigating and safeguarding reality against chronology’s perils. The game’s setting is a vivid and realistic parallel 20th century.

Each character featured in the game possesses their own distinct set of skills, armor, and ultimate powers, which they strategically employ during battles to seize the initiative. The central heroine, Ms. Vertin, a 16-year-old with expertise and perspective, guides players through the Reverse: 1999 gameplay.

The game introduces a gacha system with 70 turns for obtaining characters, each with their own drop rates. However, there is no gacha system for acquiring equipment. Characters have a standard level, and elite upgrades grant them increased stats and advanced skills throughout the game.

Reverse: 1999 also offers a skill level-up system that allows players to apply mastery skills to their characters. Additionally, the potential character system enables players to upgrade duplicate characters for higher levels, adding an extra layer of depth to the gameplay.

The highly anticipated global release of Reverse: 1999 features a diverse cast from around the world and a full English voiceover. There are no dates for a global release yet.

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