Project Makeover

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Project Makeover is a popular game where we can do what we do best, which is related to makeup, clothes and interior decoration. In this game you will find different characters who have serious style problem, which does not allow them to progress in their careers. We will work with characters of different professions such as artists, musicians, teachers or doctors.

Project Makeover, developed by Magic Tavern, Inc., takes us to the task of complete puzzles that will make us earn coins, mystery boxes and gems, which will help to transform our drab customers into stylish fashion trendsetters. But the clothes and makeup are only the beginning, because you will be able to decorate and furnish your clients’ homes and places of business. You will need to add glamour, accessories and styles to give their lives a new twist.

Project Makeover is a nice game if you want to become a fashion expert, who must help these people to find what best suits their personality and what best matches their appearance. Of course, it won’t be easy to fit your vision of fashion with the difficult personalities of these characters, so you will be very wise to advise them. A really fun game for little kids too.

Clothes are very essential and customers need all the help to find the clothes that suit them best. You can combine hundreds of shirts, jackets, pants, hats, skirts, vests, bags, among hundreds of other clothes and accessories available in the game.

You will have to impose yourself on the personality of your clients and you will have to do what is necessary to make people have their image of dream change. You will have to face different people and stylists who are conceited and stubborn, incapable of being at least kind to their surroundings. You will have to do your best to be patient and as kind as possible.

This title was created with the aim of attracting the best fashion brands and influencers, to be able to offer their products in a personalized game. It includes some in app purchases.

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