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Outerplane is available to download for SEA. Smilegate Holdings has announced the launch of Outerplane in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. Outerplane is a turn-based, Hero-collection RPG. The game is like “Epic 7” with the same Anime graphics and flashy skill cut scenes. However, the overall design for the game’s user interface, is more similar towards traditional Hero-collection RPGs.

Arriving in a fantasy world by mistake from Earth, you live the adventure of a lost hero who encounters interesting adjuncts during his unexpected journey. Outerplane mixes narrative and combat phases to make the story progress in a balanced way with a cartoonish but elegant graphic style and tactical mechanics such as skill chaining.

Combat is also pretty straight forward. You can choose to attack with one of the three available abilities of your character or use your link skill when its available. If you think this is too difficult, just tap on the auto attack button.

Outerplane is available only for SEA accounts, you can try to use a VPN in order to play the game. Available both on Android and iOS.

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