Order & Chaos: Guardians

Order & Chaos: Guardians Overview

Order & Chaos: Guardians is a collaborative RPG where players unite in parties to explore the fantastical realm of Arkland and unravel the dark conspiracy unfolding within.

Originating with Gameloft’s groundbreaking release of the AAA medieval fantasy MMORPG, Order & Chaos, in 2011, the Order & Chaos series revolutionized the gaming industry by proving the viability of epic MMORPGs on mobile devices.

In Order & Chaos: Guardians, players assemble adventurous parties comprising formidable mages, skilled rangers, magical beasts, mighty warriors, and more. Heroes from different races and classes within the Order & Chaos universe, each possessing distinct basic attributes, can be recruited and nurtured through a combination of dungeon exploration, challenging boss encounters, and battles against other player-created squads. During these encounters, parties strategically engage enemies, timing the release of their heroes’ potent abilities for maximum impact.

Order & Chaos: Guardians introduces nine iconic races and six factions from the Order & Chaos series, including popular entities like the dragon-like Kratan and the joyous Mendel. Each race features unique basic attributes that can be countered or enhanced by other attributes. The strategic arrangement of the party’s starting lineup is crucial before entering combat, as the formation of heroes can yield significant results.

Breaking away from the traditional RPG grind, Order & Chaos: Guardians simplifies the resource-earning experience with just one click, allowing players to accumulate substantial rewards, even in offline mode. The game also emphasizes a social dimension, enabling players to join cross-server guilds, fostering communication with guild members, exchanging valuable resources, and participating in amicable GvG battles.

Order & Chaos: Guardians launches on App Store and Google Play in 2024 with its beta for Android starting on January 24th, 2024. Pre-registrations are now available on the game’s official website.

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Order & Chaos Guardians

Order & Chaos: Guardians Announced

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