Palworld might get a mobile release

Updated: January 21, 2024

Palworld, the multiplayer survival crafting adventure by Pocketpair, has achieved remarkable success within just two days of its global release, selling 4 million copies on Steam and setting records with nearly 1,200,000 concurrent player peaks.

Palworld might get a mobile release

The intriguing development is that Pocketpair, the game’s developer, is actively recruiting Mobile Game Engineers, sparking speculation about a potential release of Palworld on mobile devices.

But what about a Palworld Mobile Edition?

Although there are no official plans for a Palworld Mobile Edition as of now, the job listings from Pocketpair reveal their interest in mobile development. They are seeking mobile developers for their Tokyo office, focusing on building core game systems using Unity. The description emphasizes work on actions, animations, and expressions of in-game characters.

Considering the expansive mobile gaming industry and player demand, it’s plausible that Pocketpair might consider a mobile port for Palworld in the future.

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