Honor of Kings – Global Release on June

Updated: January 4, 2024

Honor of Kings (Global Edition) has generated considerable excitement among global fans, signaling its imminent release to a wider audience. The game has established social media presence in various regions and is currently available for pre-orders in certain areas. As per the iOS Store Listing, the anticipated global release date for Honor of Kings is set for June 20, 2024.

Honor of Kings - Global Release on June

What is this game about? Well, renowned as a 5v5 MOBA title, Honor of Kings has attained significant popularity in China since its initial launch in 2015, with the global adaptation following suit in 2020. It even got a spin-off on Honor of Kings World.

Developed by TiMi Studios Group and published by Tencent Games, the game holds the distinction of being the first mobile game to surpass $10 billion in revenue. Its global release under the original title by Level Infinite is expected by the end of 2022.

We are sure it is going to be on Android. But what about Apple? The game was prominently featured in the announcement on gaming performance during the Apple iPhone 2023 event, underscoring its significance in the mobile gaming landscape. iOS users can anticipate the game’s imminent availability on the App Store.

Honor of Kings
Honor of Kings (Global)
Download and be ready for Honor of Kings in its global release. First on Brazil where the pre-registration for Honor of Kings is open. However, there are no […]

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