Armor Attack – New tactical mech shooter

Updated: January 21, 2024

Armor Attack, a crossplay tactical vehicle-based shooter, has been announced for iOS, Google Play, PC, Mac, and consoles in the future. Developed by KEK Entertainment, a team of ex-EA & Ubisoft developers, this game immerses players in mech vehicle warfare, featuring robots, tanks, and wheeled machines for strategic victory.

Armor Attack - New tactical mech shooter

In Armor Attack, the battlefield is not just about machines but also the mastery of their unique capabilities. Players can choose and customize their vehicles, each with distinct expertise crucial for success in battle. The visuals in the trailer showcase strong sci-fi elements, and the graphics are noteworthy.

Each vehicle in Armor Attack offers a fresh and distinctive playstyle, ranging from a reaction engine to a massive energy shield for team protection. Customization allows players to adapt battle machines to specific combat objectives, strategically combining unit abilities, upgrades, weapons, and talent systems. Crafting tactically diverse drop teams enables adaptation to any situation on the battlefield.

While the release is set for 2024, specific details about the launch date are yet to be revealed. Stay tuned to the official website for updates.

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