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NEWRP (NEW Role Play) is an ambitious open-world RPG game that has announced a closed beta testing for both Android and iOS. NEWRP will offers an expansive open world, encompassing an impressively vast game map replete with diverse factions for players to engage with, providing limitless opportunities for gameplay. The destiny of your virtual character is entirely dictated by the choices you make, affording you complete control over their fate.

The gameplay preview strongly evokes a GTA-like atmosphere, featuring stunning and intricately detailed graphics presented in both third-person and first-person perspectives, with an adjustable view to enhance the overall experience. The character physics are notably impressive, and the controls seem intuitive and user-friendly for mobile platforms.

The inclusion of air and water transport further underscores the ambition of this project. Unquestionably, these attributes have captured the attention of eager players anticipating its full release.

NEWRP has previously conducted a closed beta test for mobile, with this upcoming one marking the second round of test registrations, the first taking place in August. Registration is available on the official website, granting early access to the game. As of now, the schedule for the second closed beta is yet to be announced.

Upon its launch, the game will be accessible on both Android and iOS platforms. While the exact release date remains undisclosed, please stay tuned for further updates.


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