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Metabolts Day1 is a new RPG Action game. In the aftermath of an extraterrestrial event known as ‘Gray Dust,’ Earth has been engulfed, leaving countless lives in ruins. While 90% of humanity vanishes, the world, surprisingly, remains intact. Welcome to the post-apocalyptic realm of Metabolts, where discovering reasons to live in this bizarre new world is more fun than you might imagine.

Take charge of a crew with unique abilities and embark on explorations through battle-scarred cities in a rogue-like style. Encounter a multitude of captivating friends and allies, nurturing relationships with them as you navigate the intriguing world of Metabolts.

Experience an immersive and engaging storyline as the world undergoes bizarre transformations due to the ‘Gray Dust.’ Those affected by this phenomenon have changed beyond recognition, with some survivors gaining extraordinary abilities. Immerse yourself in the Story Mode that unfolds the overarching events in the world of Metabolts.

Delve into a visually stunning anime-style game that seamlessly combines Rogue-like Squad RPG and skill-based strategy elements. Discover, collect, and connect with unique characters, each featuring beautiful and detailed visuals. Lead a crew with distinct abilities, navigating through battle-scarred cities in a rogue-like fashion. Utilize, improvise, and command all available resources.

Extensively personalize your crew with various skill combinations to cater to individual player preferences. Engage in real-time, turn-based battles with a crew of your choosing.

Enhancing the immersive experience is top-tier voice acting featuring a cast of renowned Japanese actors. Let the epic storyline come to life as characters with depth and complexity provide an astonishing auditory experience.

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