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Ludo King is one of the best Ludo games for smartphones Android or iPhone. This is one of the most famous games of the moment, especially since the coronavirus pandemic. Ludo King can be played online or local, where you can face real players or the game’s AI.

Ludo King follows the traditional rules of the original game, Ludo, as well as its old-school look. This game, which evolved from Parcheesi, which was played among royalty, now comes to your mobile device to entertain us. The fate of each player will be at the mercy of the dice and the strategy to win the game.

In this online version of the classic board game Ludo you can learn the mechanics of the game the easy way, so it is very suitable for players of different ages. The game starts with four players, who must choose between the four available colors. Each player takes turns rolling the dice. Number six is ​​the only one that allows us to move our piece on the board for the first time. Once you have brought all your pieces into play you will be able to choose which pieces you want to move on the board.

In the game you can use the rule of six, where if you already have more than one piece in play on the board, if you get a six with the die you can choose between taking a new piece to the board or moving the ones that are already there. Of course, players who manage to roll a six get an extra turn with the dice.

If one of your pieces lands on a square occupied by an opponent, the piece must return to its base and a six is ​​required on the dice again to return it to the board. Meanwhile, if you land on the same square as one of your own pieces, you block the path of your opponents. In order to win the game all your chips must go around the board until they reach the center.

Ludo King is free to download on your Android device or iPhone. It has some in-game ads, but all the functionality is open to everyone.

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