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Download Ludo Club to your Android or iPhone for free. This is one of the best and most famous board games to enjoy with friends all over the world.

Ludo Club Fun Dice is one of the best board games for Android and iPhone. This is the multiplayer version of the classic Ludo. You will be able to play against people around the world from your cell phone for free.

The game has the same system as its physical version. We must move within a board and compete against 3 rivals. We will throw a dice wich will show how many squares we can move and thus be able to advance until we reach the final part as many times as possible. Meanwhile, we will meet our rivals whom we can eliminate. It is important to be careful because they can also delete our chips and make us return to the beginning.

Red, Yellow, Green or Blue. Each unit has 4 pieces. The first one who manages to take all 4 to the middle point will win the game. It advances according to the number indicated by the dice. You can play against the game’s AI or 3 people around the world. The game has a very active social component. There are always-connected players looking for games, but you can also invite your contacts on various social networks, such as Facebook. Or send invitations by WhatsApp. So you’ll never be short of people to play against.

It also includes a scoreboard to compare the points you get with those of your friends or game rivals. Ludo Club is free, it is played on the internet, but uses very little data. Also, it can be played locally offline against the game’s AI. The game is free, but includes micro payments to open new features and have more daily game options. Avaliable in the Appstore and Google Play Store.

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