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Loop Hero is an upcoming mobile game from Developer Digital publisher. Loop Hero made its debut on PC and console platforms back in late 2021, and it is now coming to mobile through Playdigious. With the forthcoming mobile version set for release in April, Loop Hero will introduce several updates and enhancements.

What about the game? Well, this is the overview: Embark on endless adventures: guide your hero through procedurally generated loops, ensuring each journey is unique. Craft your expedition: strategically build your deck and position your cards to shape your hero’s path and challenges. Collect loot as you loop: gather equipment and resources to strengthen your character, rebuild your camp, and piece together fragments of your lost memories.

Enter a dark and melancholic world: experience a captivating dark fantasy tale portrayed through retro pixel art graphics, delving into the mysteries of the realm. Break the cycle of despair: confront powerful bosses to break free from the eternal time loop imposed by the Lich.

What do we know? Loop Hero will be available for $6.99, with a 10% discount offered for pre-orders and pre-registrations. The mobile version will feature cloud save support, Game Center achievements, optimized interface for iPhone 15, and compatibility with MFi controllers. Players can enjoy the first chapter for free before unlocking the full game via in-app purchase. Pre-order Loop Hero on the App S

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