Kingdom: The Blood

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Kingdom: The Blood is an action RPG from ACTION SQUARE Studio. This new game takes inspiration from the Netflix series “Kingdom.” Initially unveiled in August 2021, the game’s details surfaced in July 2022, accompanied by a gameplay trailer in January 2023.

Immersing players in a zombie outbreak that consumes Joseon Korea’s last royal dynasty, the game tasks players with enduring and conquering the epidemic. With a focus on intricate details in character movements, stunning designs, and the inclusion of beautiful traditional Korean outfits and architecture, Kingdom: The Blood offers a visually captivating experience.

Anticipate thrilling battles against unpredictable zombies attacking from all angles. Unleash diverse special attacks and navigate exhilarating controls, powered by Unreal Engine, allowing you to craft a unique fighting style. Dive into various battle modes, ranging from PvP to collaborative encounters against formidable bosses, and progressively strengthen your character in this enthralling adventure.

For those interested, pre-registration for Kingdom: The Blood is open on the Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS devices. Additionally, a demo version will be available on Steam Next Fest and Google Play for one week, starting February 5, 2024, marking the final testing phase before the official release.

The game is set to launch on both PC and mobile devices, with expected releases on Android and iOS platforms.

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