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Kart Rider Drift is a racing game by Nexon. Is “an online circuit that connects the world with enthusiasm”, and as the saying goes, cross-play is possible on five platforms.

The first to notice is the image quality. The graphics are really beautiful that you wouldn’t expect it to be a basic free game. One can guess that the high image quality would be a little heavy on any smartphone, but the game seems to be really optimized. Operation is very simple. Acceleration is automatic, while turning, drifting, and using items are the manual part. There is little extra information during the race, so you can enjoy it intuitively.

There are two game modes: item battle and speed battle. Both races have one thing in common. In the item battle, you compete for the first place while using various obstructive items such as missiles and UFOs. There are also shield items that correspond to each type of interference, and it is important for the first player to be able to protect themselves while maintaining the number one position.

Speed ​​Battle is a mode where you can compete purely with no items appearing. Since the turbo can be used, strategies such as when to turn off the turbo are also important. The racing pass is a so-called battle pass, and it is divided into a normal pass that can be unlocked for free and a premium pass that can be unlocked for a fee. You can also get character emotes, etc.

Kart Rider Drift is available on Android and iPhone.

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