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Jet Dragon is an exclusive Apple Arcade Game. The studio behind this dragon racing game is GREZZO, known for The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake.

What do we know? Well, Jet Dragon is a mobile-exclusive online racing game where you “Helm your father’s tower ship to build a team, raise dragons, and realize your destiny, facing fierce rivals as you aim for the top.” We don’t know if there is a cooperative gameplay, but one thing is certain: you’ll have the opportunity to engage in competitive online racing against other players.

In this game, the focal point revolves around six dragon racers assembling on towering platforms at the race’s starting point, before soaring into the skies. Throughout the race, you’ll encounter numerous rings that provide a speed boost when flown through, while also navigating around obstacles. The races are described as “intuitive” by Grezzo, involving the management of your stamina and monitoring your adversaries as you strategically “strike with the tap of a button.”

Both the dragons and their riders possess distinct abilities, emphasizing the importance of finding the perfect pairing that aligns with your playing style to achieve success. Grezzo mentions the ability to train and breed dragons on your tower ship, with racers joining your crew when you impress them through competitive events.

The stages in Jet Dragon each possess their own distinct characteristics, including varying times of day, weather conditions, and geography. Familiarizing yourself with these elements will be crucial if you aspire to become the esteemed champion of dragon racing.

Jet Dragon is exclusive for Apple Arcade. There are no news about an Android release. The game will launch on June 16.

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