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NASCAR Manager is a new racing management game which has entered early access and is now accessible for Android devices in various regions, excluding some EU regions. The game is published by Hutch Games.

As the manager of your own NASCAR team, you wield authority over all decisions in NASCAR Manager, presenting a unique and strategic racing experience. Engage in competitive 1v1 races against top race drivers worldwide, with diverse opportunities to showcase your skills through weekly leagues, monthly tournaments, or head-to-head duels.

In the midst of intense races, every decision holds significance. Display quick thinking in exhilarating PvP racing games against opponents. Seize control, outsmart your adversaries, and relish the sweet taste of victory achieved through skillful tactics. Take charge of your destiny by recruiting and nurturing drivers for your NASCAR team. Craft the team of your dreams with distinctive custom designs, then delve into refining your car.

Success demands both speed and strategy. Develop pit stop schedules, maintain composure under pressure, and respond adeptly to warnings, draft partners, stage points, and playoff objectives. Push your cars to the limits and execute brilliant tactical maneuvers to secure the coveted victory.

NASCAR Manager is currently available for download on the Google Play Store for Android users, with specific regions not specified. While the release for iOS devices is pending confirmation, the App Store page is active.

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