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IDOLY PRIDE is an idol project that spans various media platforms, jointly launched by QualiArts, Music Ray’n, and Straight Edge. As part of this project, an idol simulation RPG has been released for mobile devices, offering an immersive experience within the IDOLY PRIDE universe. The game shares the same setting and worldview as the TV animation series that aired from January to March 2021, making it a must-play for fans of the franchise.

In this game, players assume the role of a manager entrusted with the task of nurturing and developing young, talented girls into successful idols. As their manager, you will guide them through various tasks, organize events, and provide unwavering support to help them ascend to stardom. The game features a messaging and phone-calling system, enabling players to interact with the characters, deepen their understanding of them, and form intimate bonds.

The live performances by the idols are brought to life through stunning 3D animations. The characters’ facial expressions and body movements are intricately portrayed, immersing players in the excitement of their performances. The game also offers a dressing mode, allowing players to customize the idols’ costumes with options like school uniforms and training attire, adding flair and variety to their performances. Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing live performances presented in the game.

IDOLY PRIDE introduces numerous adorable girls, each with their own unique charm and lovable personality, all sharing the dream of becoming top idols. Through engaging stories in the game, players will have the opportunity to develop a deeper connection with these characters. If you enjoy simulation games and have an interest in Japanese idol culture, IDOLY PRIDE is sure to provide an enjoyable and satisfying experience that will not disappoint.

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