Rock Kommander

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Rock Kommander is musical RPG experience now available for Android users. Prepare to embark on an epic journey to musical stardom as you take the helm of your own rock bands in Rock Kommander. Craft your ultimate lineup, nurture talent, and propel your bands to global acclaim through challenging competitions and showdowns.

Rock Kommander sets itself apart by teaming up with real rock and metal bands, with a new addition to the roster each month. Immerse yourself in exclusive content, including videos, interviews, and fresh song releases from these iconic bands, all within the Rock Kommander universe.

Forge connections with fellow rock and metal enthusiasts in a dedicated social hub, where you can form alliances, kickstart record labels, and engage in vibrant discussions about everything from favorite bands to real-life experiences. With features like over 20 unique musicians, showdown battles, rock news updates, and exclusive band collaborations, Rock Kommander offers a comprehensive and immersive experience for music lovers everywhere.

Available on both Android and iOS platforms, Rock Kommander invites you to join the ultimate rock revolution and unleash your inner rockstar.


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