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Hyper Front is available for Android devices. Hyper Front is an action 5v5 FPS mobile game based on an intense gameplay and PvP competition. We can use advance powerful weapons and command our hero with his unique skill set.

Hyper Front is a highly anticipated game that has been released for SEA territories. In Hyper Front we have diverse heroes with unique skills and abilities like teleport, block some attacks, shrouding and more. In our heroes side, each firearm has special attributes to cater to specific playstyles. The game has skins and another in-game items.

The gameplay is a classic 5v5 search and destroy. We are sento into a battlefield arena where your tactics, reflexes, marksmanship, and cooperation are the most important thing and the key to the victory. We have several maps named Momijigawa, City of Citizens, Polar Exploration Center, City of Gardens, Strocci and more in each update or expansion.

The maps are really nice and encourage players to elaborate different tactics and strategies. Like the weapons and characters, the maps had the sci-fi aesthetic shaped with vibrant visual style.

Hyper Front is developed by NetEase Game. It has been released on limited territories, right now is only available on SEA Southeast Asia and we expect to have a global release sometime in the 2022.

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