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Com2uS introduces an exciting new fantasy RPG titled “HEIR OF LIGHT: Eclipse” combining gacha, RPG, action, and strategy elements. The game is now open for pre-registration and will be available on both Android and iOS platforms.

HEIR OF LIGHT: Eclipse immerses players in a captivating fantasy world where Light and Darkness wage a fierce war for dominance. It appears to be a sequel to the popular title “Heir of Light,” as the lore of both games intertwines.

Embark on an endless adventure, choosing your roster of heroes from a diverse array of characters. The game encourages strategic gameplay, offering over 1,000 unique deck combinations for players to explore. Multiple factions will be present, allowing players to interact and gain exclusive benefits upon joining.

The game boasts comprehensive PvE and PvP content, essential for any successful RPG experience. Engage in 5v5 PvP combat, taking control of your character and combining various attacking options to execute ultimate attacks and defeat foes.

We don’t know so much about the game. Gameplay seems to be real time strategy at a different angle than the previous one. There are some screenshots but it seems to be a 2D RPG with gacha. I hope it is not an idle RPG.

Players who pre-register will be handsomely rewarded for their enthusiasm. A prominent character named TERESIA, a tank-based hero, awaits those who sign up, providing a strong start to the game. Interested players can participate in the pre-registration process through the Google Play Store and App Store.

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