Fortias Saga – Action Adventure

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Immersed in a fantastical medieval realm, drawing inspiration from human history and infused with mythical elements, Fortias Saga: Action Adventure has achieved notable success by crafting a gripping 2D adventure centered around the theme of rescuing humanity.

Set precisely in the year 730 of the Eradel calendar, a seemingly interminable war unfolds. Dark forces across the expanse of Fortias have mysteriously surged, harboring an aversion to the joyous, light-filled world and an unwavering determination to shroud everything in darkness, establishing dominion over all species.

The continent sprawls as a vast landscape. Historically, each ethnic group witnessed the emergence of numerous extraordinary individuals, yet these talents remained confined within their respective clans, oblivious to the need for a grand display. Now, with the entire continent imperiled, the call for heroes becomes urgent.

The Summoning system operates on the leader’s reputation and trustworthiness. These indicators escalate in tandem with the player’s tactical decisions and triumphs over adversaries. In essence, victory augments reputation and broadens the reach of Summoning capabilities.

Vigilance is paramount, whether engaged in intense battles or traversing tranquil zones with sparse enemies. Concurrently, the collection of gold, bread, food, and diamonds strewn along the path is crucial. These items, each with its unique utility, directly or indirectly enhance the heroes’ strength.

Fortias Saga: Action Adventure boasts a roster of over 100 recruitable heroes, offering a multitude of combinations for diverse strategic alliances and strengths. With such an extensive array, players can experiment with thousands of combinations, shaping distinct strategies to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

Fortias Saga is currently on Pre-register mode.

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